Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Manayunk/Norristown: Outbound train #3222 is experiencing delays up to 20 minutes due to mechanical issues.
Trenton: Cornwells Heights Park and Ride service is canceled for the remainder of the service day due to operator unavailability.

Origination Train # Destination Status
Cynwyd 1082 Suburban Sta On Time
Norristown 2321 Elwyn On Time
Wilmington 2518 Doylestown 7 min
Wilmington 2520 Doylestown On Time
Elwyn 3222 Norristown 29 min
West Trenton 3223 Newark 2 min
Elwyn 3224 Norristown 8 min
West Trenton 3537 Malvern On Time
West Trenton 381 Elwyn 8 min
Airport 440 Warminster On Time
Airport 444 Warminster 2 min
Warminster 449 Airport On Time
Doylestown 5219 Newark 10 min
Doylestown 5221 Newark 9 min
Malvern 5336 West Trenton On Time
Thorndale 5438 Glenside 1 min
30th St 6330 West Trenton 4 min
30th St 6332 West Trenton 1 min
Doylestown 6523 30th St On Time
30th St 6592 Lansdale On Time
Trenton 718 Chestnut H East 5 min
Chestnut H East 721 Trenton 2 min
Wayne Electric Car Yard 8447 Airport On Time
Temple U 9531 Thorndale 9 min
Temple U 9533 Malvern On Time
Temple U 9551 Bryn Mawr 6 min
Temple U 9755 Trenton 3 min
Temple U 9839 Chestnut H West On Time
Chestnut H West 9846 Temple U On Time

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