General Announcement: RRD: Trains are subject to delays and crowded conditions due to an equipment shortage. As a result, some trains may bypass stations. We will notify passengers as soon as possible when these situations occur.  Interim Weekday Schedules are in effect. Also, please have passes and tickets ready to show prior to boarding Center City trains during the hours of 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays Beginning Tuesday, Sept.6, SEPTA will offer Weekday Supplemental Express Bus Service for select Regional Rail Lines.see Interi
West Trenton: Additional trains not listed on the current
Interim Weekday Schedules are departing West Trenton at 7:08 a.m. and Suburban Station at 5:20 p.m. this week. Both will operate local service.

Origination Train # Destination Status
Jefferson 1529 Thorndale 8 mins
Jefferson 1533 Malvern 1 mins
Malvern 1536 Jefferson On Time
Marcus Hook 212 Norristown 3 mins
Wilmington 214 Norristown On Time
Norristown TC 215 Marcus Hook 4 mins
Norristown TC 217 Wilmington On Time
Swarthmore 3520 Doylestown 1 mins
Swarthmore 3522 Doylestown On Time
West Trenton 3531 Malvern 1 mins
West Trenton 3535 Malvern 8 mins
Airport 426 Warminster On Time
Airport 430 Warminster On Time
Warminster 431 Airport On Time
Warminster 435 Airport 3 mins
Airport 4728 Chestnut H East On Time
Doylestown 5315 Swarthmore 9 mins
Doylestown 5317 Swarthmore 4 mins
Malvern 5326 West Trenton On Time
Malvern 5334 West Trenton 2 mins
Malvern 5338 West Trenton On Time
Chestnut H East 7433 Airport 8 mins
Fox Chase 823 Chestnut H West 5 mins
Chestnut H West 830 Fox Chase 4 mins
Temple U 9715 Trenton 4 mins
Trenton 9716 Temple U 5 mins