General Announcement: Wilmington/Newark: Outbound trains will not stop at Churchmans Crossing (April 8-May 31) due to an Amtrak project. Passengers can connect to buses at Claymont and Wilmington for service to Churchmans Crossing. Some inbound trains to depart later. Details.

Origination Train # Destination Status
Wilmington 206 Norristown 11 mins
Marcus Hook 208 Norristown 1 mins
Norristown 209 Wilmington 3 mins
Norristown 211 Marcus Hook 2 mins
West Trenton 307 Elwyn 1 mins
Elwyn 308 West Trenton On Time
West Trenton 309 Elwyn On Time
Elwyn 310 West Trenton On Time
Elwyn 312 West Trenton On Time
Airport 420 Warminster On Time
Warminster 425 Airport On Time
Malvern 508 Doylestown 1 mins
Doylestown 509 Malvern 4 mins
Malvern 512 Doylestown On Time
Doylestown 513 Malvern On Time
Trenton 706 Chestnut H East On Time
Trenton 708 Chestnut H East 1 mins
Chestnut H East 709 Trenton On Time
Chestnut H East 711 Trenton On Time
Fox Chase 813 Chestnut H West 3 mins
Chestnut H West 818 Fox Chase 1 mins
Airport 9422 Temple U On Time
Temple U 9423 Airport 2 mins