Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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General Announcement: Remember to be careful, keep warm and allow extra time during extremely low temperatures. Your safety is our priority.
Trenton: Train #9706 is experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes due to equipment problems.

Origination Train # Destination Status
Jefferson 1517 Malvern On Time
Jefferson 1521 Paoli On Time
Thorndale 1536 Jefferson On Time
Wilmington 206 Norristown 8 min
Marcus Hook 208 Norristown On Time
Norristown 209 Wilmington 8 min
Norristown 211 Marcus Hook 5 min
West Trenton 3421 Airport 3 min
West Trenton 3425 Airport 2 min
West Trenton 3429 Airport On Time
Elwyn 3710 Chestnut H East 1 min
Elwyn 3712 Chestnut H East 1 min
Airport 418 Warminster 1 min
Warminster 423 Airport On Time
Airport 4316 West Trenton On Time
Doylestown 519 Thorndale 12 min
Doylestown 523 Malvern 1 min
Malvern 530 Doylestown On Time
Malvern 534 Doylestown 3 min
Chestnut H East 7307 Elwyn 3 min
Fox Chase 815 Chestnut H West On Time
Chestnut H West 818 Fox Chase 9 min
Temple U 9709 Trenton On Time
Trenton 9710 Temple U 2 min
Trenton 9712 Temple U On Time

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