Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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West Trenton: Service has resumed with limited service, terminating at Neshaminy Falls.

Origination Train # Destination Status
Suburban Station 1565ThorndaleOn-time
Norristown 2367ElwynOn-time
Wilmington 252NorristownOn-time
Norristown 2751Trenton3 mins
Newark 2760Chestnut H EastOn-time
West Trenton 369Elwyn7 mins
Woodbourne 3755Trenton5 mins
Elwyn 376West Trenton15 mins
Temple U 3791pTrenton2 mins
Elwyn 380West Trenton1 min
Elwyn 384West TrentonOn-time
Airport 4382West Trenton8 mins
Warminster 451Airport2 mins
Airport 4756Chestnut H EastOn-time
Doylestown 5253Marcus Hook3 mins
Doylestown 5457AirportOn-time
Link Belt 553Thorndale2 mins
Link Belt 567Bryn MawrOn-time
Colmar 573Malvern4 mins
Malvern 574Lansdale2 mins
Thorndale 578Lansdale1 min
Thorndale 580LansdaleOn-time
Malvern 582LansdaleOn-time
30th St 6248NorristownOn-time
30th St 6370West Trenton1 min
30th St 6444WarminsterOn-time
30th St 6446Glenside2 mins
30th St 6448WarminsterOn-time
30th St 6572DoylestownOn-time
30th St 6576Doylestown2 mins
30th St 6848Fox ChaseOn-time
Trenton 7250Norristown TCOn-time
Chestnut H East 7363MediaOn-time
Trenton 758Chestnut H EastOn-time
Temple U 7841Chestnut H WestOn-time
Chestnut H East 7843Chestnut H WestOn-time
Fox Chase 8453AirportOn-time
Chestnut H West 846Fox Chase1 min
Chestnut H West 850Fox Chase9 mins
Fox Chase 8749TrentonOn-time
Temple U 9251Newark De2 mins
Temple U 9257Newark DeOn-time
Temple U 9361Elwyn3 mins
Temple U 9365ElwynOn-time
Temple U 9559Paoli1 min
Temple U 9561ThorndaleOn-time
Temple U 9563Bryn MawrOn-time
Temple U 9745Trenton1 min
Temple U 9747TrentonOn-time
Trenton 9756Temple UOn-time

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